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Put your ray gun to my head [entries|friends|calendar]
Laura Bowie

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[27 May 2009|08:59pm]
priscilla queen of the desert is playing june 13th at the angel city drive in (newly named devil's night drive in).
oooooohhhh i want to go!
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[17 May 2009|09:56pm]
i saw brian posehn perform tonight. hilarious!
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............. [14 May 2009|10:20pm]
it sucks so hard that it's almost funny.

harold lloyd [22 Apr 2009|01:12am]
so i watched the freshman yesterday and i am so in love! harold lloyd is my dream man.

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heeeey [02 Apr 2009|03:54pm]
i found the best perfume ever. it's called pink sugar and it is normally 55 dollars but i found it on ebay for around 16 dollars! i am in love with it!

so jail weddings is tomorrow at the smell. if you are reading this you should go. they are very good.

this song had been suck in my head for days now! -

not the official video because embedding is disabled on it but the song is so good!
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ah life [01 Apr 2009|12:50am]
one isn't giving me the time of day and the other is giving me attention but i'm not sure if i even want it anymore.

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these are really funny [27 Mar 2009|02:43pm]

i obviously look like angelina jolie hahahahahaha
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[26 Mar 2009|07:00pm]
I surrender

april 3rd [18 Mar 2009|11:59pm]
do you want to see jail weddings in la on april 3rd with me? i might need a ride, i'm not sure since megan is coming home from vegas that day so she is still unsure if she can drive. i hope they sing modern love again!

i love this song!
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HELP!!! [17 Mar 2009|09:27pm]
i have 13 boxes of girl scout cookies at my house.
what a wonderful/horrible situation i am in.
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[14 Mar 2009|05:03pm]
i've been trying to fine a nice, inexpensive, purely vanilla perfume and it is proving very difficult. if you know any please tell me.
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karaoke [14 Mar 2009|01:40pm]
karaoke was super fun last night :)
they finally took our picture for the wall! they better put it up this time.
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NORM'S!!!!! [12 Mar 2009|08:31pm]
god i hate you norm's

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i hate technology sometimes [06 Mar 2009|03:55pm]
i was woken up this morning by a text from my dentist's office telling me i am overdue for a checkup. i'm getting texts from my dentist now?! if it hadn't have woke me up, i would have thought it was hilarious.
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brazil [05 Mar 2009|03:53pm]

have you seen this movie? it reminds me of dreams i have. it seems realistic yet very surreal.
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Julie Newmar [02 Mar 2009|04:35pm]

I want to look exactly like her. She is so perfect!
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[20 Feb 2009|11:09pm]
last night was so strange and not in a good way. we (megan, sammy, sara, and our new friend wes) went to west covina and ended up in some guy's backyard filled with sights such as a broken down rusting truck, a black bunny, a dog house with no dog, and a basketball hoop with no hoop. they drank vodka with kool aid and beer and played metal music. we sat out there in the cold until 2 am then had to abruptly leave because a verbal fight between sara and some crazy douchebag took place. it was awwwwwwwwesome! hahahaha

tomorrow we're going shopping on 4th st. in long beach but it is more just a reason for sammy and me to stand outside the rockabilly barber shop there and drool :)
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woooooo [30 Jan 2009|01:39am]
morrissey is playing coachella!!!!
along with paul mccartney and the cure!
if i don't get to go i will be severely depressed.
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ahhhhhh [27 Jan 2009|09:29pm]
i really want to kick myself HARD! morrissey is playing at jimmy kimmel and the tickets were free but they were sold out by the time i heard. i got an update about it on myspace right when it happened but for the first time in months i went to bed early that night so i didn't see it in time. ahhhh kill me!!!! :(

p.s. i have heard rumors that morrissey could be playing coachella and my dad might be working it so he might be able to get me tickets. that would make up for this a little but i am still super pissed.
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never [15 Jan 2009|10:59pm]
never eat carl's jr. and then look at the nutritional facts unless you want to be extremely depressed hahaha.
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